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Yarralaw Springs is located in the Southern Tablelands, just 15 mins from Goulburn NSW. We are on the coastal side of the ridge separating Sydney and Shoalhaven water catchments. The terrain is hilly, varying between 650 and 690 metres elevation. The 'springs' of the Yarralaw Creek combine to form a defined riverbed running diagonally through the centre of the 100 acre farm, creating a secluded valley.

The Farm

The undeveloped property was purchased in early 1995 during the peak of a drought - devoid of grass with only rocks reminiscent of a lunar landscape. Our philosophy is to always leave the farm in a better condition than when we started.
Almost a thousand native trees were planted from seeds collected on farm, dams added to prevent erosion gullies and the plans for a sustainable enterprise took formation. The most prominent trees are the majestic Yellow Box, with large stands of Ribbon Gum, Stringybark and scattered Peppermint.
Vineyard History
The original planting of 3000 vines took place in 1999. Fronting 5000 acres of virgin bush, the vines struggled with rabbits, hares, kangaroos and cockatoos but made it to the cordon wire eventually. The vineyard soils are yellow mineral rich clays supplemented each year by on farm composted grape marc, manures and mulched cane prunings.
Over the years additional rows of the main varieties have been added with still room for further expansion.
Frosts are a major problem in spring, and frost sprinklers are used to minimize damage.
Sustainable practices are employed leading to the soil health improving every year. Nitrogen fixing clover, mulching and composting, recycling winery waste, pesticide free... lots of weeds achieve this end.
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The Strawbale Winery
Commenced construction in January 2005, using massive red ironbark posts and unseasoned hardwood for the major structurals. More than 50 ironbark trees were planted on the farm to replace the few sourced for the winery. The strawbales were sourced from nearby Connen Hill at Lake Bathurst - almost 300 bales. These were covered inside and out with a traditional lime rendered - no cement. The lime render will continue to harden for decades.... Landscaping was difficult during the drought years, but eventually the rains came in December 2009, and the beautiful Mediterranian gardens established.
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A self-contained accommodation facility is located in the winery attic - called the Vine Loft. The unique design using exposed plantation pine for walls and ceiling provides a warm cosy atmosphere in today's stark modern world.
The Olive Grove
Some 200 olive trees were planted in 2003 - 100 Manzanillo, and 50 Corregiola and 50 Frantoio. Small quantities of traditional Greek salt pickled olives, free of chemical processes or anti-caking agents are produced and available at the cellar door. Scrumptious marinated and traditional Greek style olives are available at the cellar door.